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the Steel, Foundry, Ferro-Alloy, Aluminum, Chemical, and Agricultural Industries

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Welcome to Rapier Resources

At Rapier Resources, we specialize in raw material recovery for industrial applications.  We source, process, and sell metals and minerals in a variety of industries including (but not limited to):

Iron & Steel;  Cement & Concrete;  Chemical Manufacturing;

Agriculture (fertilizers & feed); and Mining.

The types of materials that we deal with include by-products, co-products, excess, off-spec, and spent materials such as recovered refractories, slags, scales, sands, and ores, that contain minerals including:

Alumina;  Iron;  Magnesia;  Manganese;  Vanadium;

Ferro Alloys;  Silica Products;  among others

Authorized Canadian Representative for

Anti-Hydro International Inc.

Strengthening & Waterproofing Concrete since 1904

Rapier Resources Inc., is very proud and excited to announce that it is now The Authorized Canadian Representative for Anti-Hydro International Inc., one of North Americas oldest producers of Admixtures for concrete.  For more than a century their iconic integral admixture “Anti-Hydro(r)” has been used to waterproof and harden structures around the globe.  From the Waldorf Astoria to the Taj Palace in New Deli, and countless projects in between, Anti-Hydro has the right product for any application.

For more information, please click here.

Our 4W2 Philosophy

At Rapier Resources we provide value through our 4W(4-Way-Win) philosophy.  We believe that to build successful long term business all stakeholders should win.

  • Our Suppliers Win

    because they eliminate landfill & storage costs, or capture greater value for their secondary products.

  • Our End-Users Win

    because they get a source for economic raw materials that also meet recycling requirements for certifications such as LEED.

  • The Environment Wins

    because material has been cleaned-up and diverted from landfill, and for every tonne of material that we recycle, it is one less tonne that needs to be mined.

  • We Win

    because we have added to our network of satisfied customers, helped the environment, and made a little money all at the same time.

If your company is environmentally conscious and uses raw materials, or produces by-products & co-products, or is looking to clean up a site or dispose of excess or stockpiled materials, please give us a call and let us help you out.